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Her story

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Sherry Shao is the founder and creative force behind Mon Cheri Macarons. Officially established in 2012, Mon Cheri Macarons started out in her home kitchen in (Houston) Sugar Land, TX.  Without any culinary background or baking experience, Sherry decided to try her hand at making French macarons. It was quite a challenge and it took her several months to finally perfect it. Her obsession grew tremendously when she saw the art and beauty in these luxurious treats. 


Sherry then began to create her own unique recipes and started to take orders from families, friends, and coworkers while working full time at Bvlgari in the Houston Galleria. Overwhelmed with so many tasks around the clock, she took the risk and left her stable career in the high-end luxury retail industry of 15 years to start working from home. Sherry felt it was meant to be because it allowed her to spend more quality time with her two young sons at the time. 


The mompreneur who has a business degree was able to focus and fully develop her small macaron business and officially launched it to the public on Facebook in 2013. It wasn't always easy and smooth sailing. Sherry had to work tremendously hard and find numerous ways to promote her business and make ends meet. She consistently advertised in social media, personally delivered her macarons all around Houston, tried to set up wholesale accounts, coordinated with event planners, worked with nonprofit organizations, and sold them at the farmers market. 


Five years later, the founder was ready to make her dream and vision become a reality. Sherry wanted to have a beautiful French macaron boutique, carrying the most delicious macaron flavors anyone can find that's baked fresh on-site daily. With a little bit of savings and a bank loan, Sherry composed a business plan, designed and built her first brick and mortar from ground up. It took almost a year for the buildout to finally complete. Mon Cheri Macarons officially opened its doors on March 9, 2019. Sherry Shao has been very fortunate to have so many people near and far visit her shop every single day. She feels extremely grateful and wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the continuous love and support from family, friends, community, and macaron lovers from around the world. 

After Mon Cheri Macarons established its first location in Sugar Land, Texas, the founder's next goal was to ship her delicious French macarons throughout the US. Although it took her quite some time to develop an E-commerce business and a shipping department, Sherry was finally able to launch her new online shopping website before her boutique's one year anniversary. Not before long on November 18th, 2022, Sherry opened a second location in central Houston River Oaks area. Today with the help from an outstanding growing team, Mon Cheri Macarons ships nationwide and supplies wholesale macarons to multiple businesses throughout Houston and surrounding areas. As the company continues to grow, Sherry Shao hopes to improve, invent, and find more ways to reach more macaron dessert lovers throughout the world. 

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