Freshly baked, beautiful and exquisite French macarons shipped nationwide!

Delivery is now available through UberEats and Door Dash 
within your area.

Unfortunately we no longer take orders for special characters, custom shapes and designs. We are more than happy to customize the colors and flavors to match the theme of your special event. 
Thank you so much! 


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Come visit our beautiful macaron boutique in Sugar Land! We have over 30 delectable flavors to choose from! Classic, seasonal, Asian-inspired, and unique. 

Pre-order your Macaron Towers To-Go with carrying case!
Reusable 4-tier tower, yours to keep.
Holds up to 3 dozens of delicious macarons.

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Available for pre-order

Four delicious 6" oversized macaron shells
Layered with mascarpone chantilly cream and fresh berries
Topped with chantilly cream, berries, two macarons of your choice and stawberry pocky sticks
Feeds around 6 people


Heading 2

1912 Wescott Ave., Suite 228, Sugar Land TX 77479 | 832-939-8884

Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm

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